When Should I Buy LTC Insurance?

If you are asking this question, now is the time to get the information you need to decide whether or not a long-term care insurance policy is a necessary part of your overall long-term care plan. The reason why you should decide now is because you will never have a better chance of qualifying for coverage than right now.

The fact is that 40% of the people who apply for long-term care insurance cannot qualify for coverage.  No one knows exactly what is in their medical records.  When you apply for coverage, underwriters evaluate your medical history very carefully.

There are a number of different factors facing the long-term care insurance companies right now.  Many of the leading carriers are reevaluating their underwriting guidelines, raising their premiums and making it more difficult to qualify for coverage.  The fact of the matter is that waiting to buy coverage, will cost you more, and may jeopardize your ability to qualify for coverage.

Talk to an expert to get the information you need to make and educated decision about whether or not you should own a long-term care insurance policy.