The Founder

Gregory Rogovin is the Founder and Managing Director of LTC Partners, LLC.  Over the last eight years he has been specializing exclusively in long-term care planning.  As an Independent Long-Term Care Specialist, Gregory has no allegiance to any one insurance company. Therefore, clients can rely on him to always put their best interest above all others. Gregory is devoted to helping clients retain their dignity and help them ensure that their retirement and estate plans are executed in the manner in which they have intended. As a result of his consistent and distinguished service to hundreds of clients over many years, he was selected to serve as the Regional Long-Term Care Advisor to more than 650 Affinity Groups (made up of professional, alumni, federal, military and philanthropic associations).  In this role, he is required to adhere to standards of integrity and professionalism that exceed those required by general insurance regulations.

As a forever school teacher, Gregory now uses his teaching skills to explain complex information about long-term care insurance, in simple, easy to understand terms. His personal experience providing long-term care to a parent ignited his passion for helping others create a plan which will mitigate the intense impact that providing for one’s long-term care needs can have on a spouse, children and grandchildren. Gregory’s compassion, experience and integrity, make it easy for his client’s to trust his advice and counsel.

Long-Term Care Insurance is not appropriate for everybody. However, it is critical that everyone have a “plan” to mitigate the emotional, physical and financial consequences for their family if they ever require long-term care.  When long-term care insurance is appropriate, Gregory customizes plans for his clients that ensure that they will have the quality of care, in the setting in which they choose. Gregory then works with underwriters from several companies to make sure that his clients receive the greatest value for their premium dollars.  Finally, partnering with each affinity group he is uniquely able to ensure that each client receives “Service for Life”.

Gregory reminds clients of the fact, that when one is learning about something new, one usually doesn’t know what they don’t know.  Therefore, he makes sure that his clients know the right questions to ask (as well as the follow-up questions they should be asking).  This way they can be confident that they are making the most well-informed decisions possible when it comes to figuring out the best way to manage their long-term care risks.

Gregory graduated from Brandeis University in 1985, with a Bachelors of Science in Economics. In 1991, he earned his Master’s Degree in Education, from Lesley University.  He earned his CLTC designation in 2010.  He currently resides in Portland, Maine with his two wonderful daughters and Plott Hound, Merle.