Working With Your Team

It is a simple four step process

First Meeting:

  • We discuss the essential components of a long-term care plan.
  • We listen to you, in order to understand what is important to your company.
  • We gather basic demographic facts about your workforce.

Second Meeting:

  • We make a recommendation that is based upon our analysis of the proposals we receive, and the terms that we were able to negotiate on your behalf.
  • We make a plan to roll out the new benefits in a way that best suits your company’s culture and protocols.

 Roll out:

  • Our team will present 45 minute seminars, designed to educate your employees about the new long-term care insurance benefits that are now available to them.
  • Finally, we make individual appointments with those members of your team who are interested in learning more about long-term care insurance.


  • We offer on-going support and service to you, your employees and their families.

Working With Your Team