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Why it’s important to discuss long-term care planning with one of experts now -

This is an opportune time to discuss this subject, because the new Federal Health Care Plan includes a long-term care plan called the CLASS Act.  This plan will go into affect in 2012.  It will require you and your employees to decide whether or not to participate in this plan which will cost each of you approximately $150-$175 per month.  Because of this fact, I have made it a priority to provide employers throughout the Northeast, with the information they need to make an informed decision about this new plan, well before they are faced with the need to do so.

Down load a copy of an 2010 CLASS Act Guide For Employers

Listen to a recent story, by Judy Martin on NPR’s “Morning Addition”, about how companies are helping their employees cope with the realities of becoming adult caregivers.  Firms Help Employees Provide End-Of-Life Care


 Our Corporate Consulting Team has two objectives:

  1. Help protect each of your employees and their families from the risks of long-term care, by providing them with the information they need to make an educated decision about their long-term care plans.                               
  2. Make you look good, with as little effort on your part, and with as little cost to your company as possible.

As few of my clients are enthusiastic about adding paperwork or cost to their lives, my company relieves clients of these tasks.  Your executives, employees and their families can qualify for coverage more easily due to smiplified underwriting standards.  In addition, they benefit from discounts on the plans and ancillary services as a part of your organization.  

 LTC insurance:

  • enriches your benefit package
  • can ease the burden on employees who act as caregivers for spouses or parents, resulting in increased productivity and decreased absenteeism
  • helps protect your employees’ retirement plans by protecting their assets
  • is an excellent way to reward key personnel and executives