Our Approach

Each of our specialists works for their client.

Long-term care insurance is not appropriate for everyone.  LTC insurance is one way of funding your long-term care plan.  Creating a plan is the first thing we do with clients.  Once we have a plan, then we figure out the best way to fund that plan.

  • Our Independent Field Underwriters work for you, and not an insurance company.
  • The first thing we do with clients is to listen to their thoughts and questions about long-term care.  Understanding each of our clients’ individual experiences and circumstances with the subject is an essential part of tailoring solutions to meet their needs.
  • Then we explain in simple terms how the plans work, what they cover and do not cover. You will understand what your rights are, and what your other options are aside from long-term care insurance.
  • If you decide that a long-term care insurance policy is the best way to hedge against the risk of needing long-term care, our specialists will help design an optimal plan and recommend the right insurance carrier for you.
  • An optimal plan will based upon balancing your wants with your needs.
  • Once you know you options, and have determined that long-term care insurance is right for you, we will evaluate your needs and design a plan based upon your  lifestyle, past experience with long-term care, budget, marital status, age, and most importantly, your health.
  • Our specialists have no financial incentive to recommend one company over another.  This means that they work for you when they evaluate your needs, design the most conservative plan possible and ultimately help you qualify for coverage with the most appropriate insurance carrier.
  • Perhaps most importantly:  Each partner in our firm is committed to their clients from the beginning to the end of this process.  Our specialists feel a personal and professional duty to their clients throughout their lives.

He is FOCUSED ON THE CUSTOMER.   His goal was never perceived to make a sale.  Greg always came across as wanting to help us understand, help us get the right coverage, and help us feel comfortable with our decision.  He never used sales or closing tactics.  He has a servant heart that allows the perspective customer to drive the direction, tempo and timing of the interaction. Allen from Centerville, MA