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Today in particular, the landscape of long-term care planning is in a state of flux.  There are many different sources of information on the subject, and many different opinions about how and when the new healthcare plan will affect each of us.  This portion of our site is dedicated to bringing you recent articles on the subject of Long-Term Care Planning.  All of the articles certainly have their own bias based on their source.   However, my intent is to provide you with a balance of perspectives along with my commentary, to allow you to reach your own conclusions.  Click on the highlighted link to read the story or listen to the program.

The Sandwich Generation – Long-Term Care Insurance –  Radio broadcast on February 7, 2013 – Excellent presentation of whether you should own long-term care insurance by an Elder Care Expert, Howard Gleckman.  Once you click on the link, you will find a button in the middle of the page above and to the left of the picture of the seniors exercising.  The button has a graphic of a speaker and arrow next to it.  Click on the arrow.  The talk last 15 minutes and it is well worth your time.

Don’t Grow Old Without It By Kelly Greene, April 6, 2012 – Wall Street Journal

Study Reveals Top 5 Myths of Family Caregiving

Suzy Orman Endorses Long-Term Care Insurance

“…once boomers reach their 50’s, they are in the prime years to buy the protection of long term care insurance and make a wise investment.  What we’ve found over time is that your total cost over a lifetime is actually lower if you purchase LTC coverage in your 50’s.”  Your toughest retirement puzzle:  Long-term care

By Lisa Gibbs, Money Magazine senior writerApril 7, 2010: 9:08 AM ET

Washington Post Long goodbye of the elderly can create crisis for family cargivers

By Abigail Trafford

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Excellent Comparison of Federal Long-Term Care Plan with Private Plans

LTC Expert Critiques CLASS Act published April 2, by National Underwriter online news service

“However, we are alarmed that too many individuals may be seduced into thinking that CLASS will indemnify their estates against the catastrophic expenses associated with a chronic illness or accident,” said Stephen D. Forman, senior vice president of Long Term Care Associates, Bellevue, Wash.  See entire article

Health care bill’s costs don’t add up April 2, 2010  NICK MASSEY  The Edmond Sun

The new law collects $72 billion to pay for long-term care. This money is not needed immediately, of course, so will the money be put into a fund to use later as the long-term care bills come in? No! Instead, the money is used immediately to lower the cost of providing health care to 30 million new people. Once again, money collected for one thing is used instead for lowering the cost of the bill. What happens to the long-term care liability? It grows as another unfunded liability.

Long term care: Early planning pays off

Help older relatives plan for long-term care needs  Your Money, Your Life

The Long And The Short Of Long-Term Care Insurance