How We Work

How to make the best use of our services

  1. Please begin by reviewing the information on this website. 
  2. If you would like to find out the answers to specific questions pertaining to your own family i.e.  How much would a plan cost?Would it be appropriate for me and/or my family?  Would I qualify for coverage?   please Contact Us.
  3. One of the LTC Partners in your area will counsel you over the phone using screen-sharing technology.  This enables you to avoid the intrusion of an agent in your home and receive the information you need in complete privacy.  At your request, we can arrange to meet you in your home or in one of our offices.
  4. If you decide that long-term care insurance is an appropriate way of funding your long-term care plan, then we will tailor a plan to fit your needs and recommend the best carrier for you.
  5. Then we will work with the carrier to help you qualify for coverage at the lowest premium possible.

 If you obtain coverage, our commitment to you and your family is life-long.  We are always there for you when you have a question about your policy, need to submit a claim or have a question about a family member in another part of the country.  In addition, we partner with organizations which offer a variety of discounts to our clients on health care services and equipment.  Our affiliates also provide ratings on nursing homes, assisted living communities and health care agencies across the country.

How We Work